Luv Car Loans is a broker, not a lender. 8.9% on a £10,000 loan with excellent credit. 31.48% Representative.

Bad Credit?

Don't worry… at Luv Car Loans we Luv to approve!

We can obtain a decision for you within 1 hour of your application. Whether you've had CCJ's, mortgage arrears, council tax arrears, or other payment defaults, or if you’re self-employed or even if you have NO credit history at all, we do everything we can for you to be considered for car finance. We can even help you if you are in debt management or have IVA's. However, not all customers are successful.

Car Finance Specialists

Our decision making process is simple | We take into account much more than just your credit score when arranging your finance. The Luv Car Loans team of specially trained underwriters will look at every aspect of your personal profile, affordability and circumstances and will ensure a fair decision is made by one of our many finance providers.

Need Finance | We Can Help

Remember that buying a car on finance is one of the single most effective ways of repairing your credit profile, providing you can show affordability and are able to keep up your monthly repayments and do not fall in to arrears.

Tips on how to maintain or repair your credit profile…

Tip 1 | Choose the right company for you

There are heaps of finance brokers available but choosing the right one can be a mine field. As we are specialists in bad credit car loans, this can increase your chances of a loan approval.

We have many options and can guide you through the maze of required documents and evidence you may need to provide to give you the greatest chance of obtaining a bad credit car loan approval.

Tip 2 | Learn What Your Credit File Means

First of all, make an application. Once our underwriters have checked your credit file your personal finance executive will talk you through your approval and explain what to do next. You can regularly obtain a copy of your credit report, so you can see if there has been any changes that have had a positive impact. You can enquire further with the credit reporting agency Experian about the different sections on your credit file and what they mean.

Tip 3 | Don't Apply Everywhere Hoping for the Best

The more places you apply that you would never qualify for, the more lenders that will have on file forever that you had bad credit in the past. Although bad credit may be removed from your file, if you actually applied to a number of lenders whilst it was there, this will stay on each lenders own records, so next time you apply to that lender and your credit file is clean, they will still be aware of your previous concerns and may still treat you the same. That's where Luv Car Loans can help! Our team of underwriters will assess your credit profile and match you to the approval criteria of the right lender.

Tip 4 | Seek Legal Independent Advice

There are quite a few companies that specialise in cleaning up credit files. They can provide at a cost a service that would review the measures taken by those who listed any bad credit on your file, and if the correct procedures weren’t followed, they may be able to have this removed altogether off your credit file, which is the ultimate outcome.

Tip 5 | Small/Payday Loans Will Not Improve Your Situation

Quite often people think by starting off small, this will give them some sort of credit prior to applying for a car loan. The short term financiers, often referred to as pay day lenders, can impact negatively on your application. Pay day loans can be seen as a requirement for short term cash, perhaps because you were struggling off your normal wages, and so the bad credit car finance provider may feel that you are already struggling without a car loan, and may see you as a higher risk.